Book a viewing and rent a property with a click of a button.

Inadash app streamlines the process of renting a property in London. A revolutionary search method that allows users to see places nearby, book a viewing and make an offer through the app, reducing the bureaucracy and timewasting.

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Lena Kudryavtseva
Product Designer
Hey ProductHunters! Have you ever been struggling with finding a nice place to rent? Or browsing through listings those looked too good to be true just to discover on a call with estate agent that “this property has just gone off the market”, but they might “have something else which could be of interest to you”? – This is when the back-and-forth email chain (hell🔥) starts. As an ex-Londoner, having moved the places multiple times, I found flat-hunting in London exhausting. That is why for the last year, we’ve been working on a solution. Inadash solves this problem by letting you book a viewing with an estate agent with a click of a button, see available dates and times or even walk in straight away if the property is listed as “live”/“open now”; And, if you like what you see, place an offer through the app – no time wasted. Pros: - Efficiency: no need to write an email, get on the call or arrange a viewing - Trustful market: no more fake listings or cat-fishing - Rent on the go: browse properties whilst ordering your morning cuppa coffee, commuting in a packed sweaty London tube (ah! Don’t we all love that?!) or chewing a sandwich on your lunch break For the busy peeps (geeks) who never leave their desks, we’ve also designed a desktop version of the app. So now you can chew your sandwich in the comfort of your cubicle scrolling down the pages. And for the estate agents, who wish to become partners with Inadash, we’ve created a portal and an Inadash Agent app for uploading listings, scheduling “live periods” and managing viewings and offers. P.S. Inadash is currently operating in Canary Wharf, London, area only, but hoping to grow and expand rapidly. ;)
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