In Town Yet

Find which on-demand apps are live in your city

I remember you tweeting about this idea a few months ago, @ryandawidjan. Congrats on the launch! Feature request: ability to see a list of all the services available in my city.
@GeoffreyWeg For sure Geoffrey, definitely would like to spit out all services for a city. Few others have been asking as well
Idea originally stemmed from seeing many folks on twitter asking which service was live where as they plan conferences and travel. Ex. w/ @naveen and others
@ryandawidjan Haha, UI was 100% inspired by @naveen
@zmh I try to surround myself with smarter people. :) @naveen
This is pretty sweet. Second what @geoffreyweg said about the ability to see services on a city by city basis, but great job!
Do you guys plan to release native cards? I heard the mobile web is dead.
claps hands