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How Google thinks, works & shapes our lives

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This book is so incredibly detailed. Nothing I've ever come across provides near the same level of detail on the founding and inner-workings of Google. From the days of Backrub, to modern Android, this book walks us through Google's extensive list of products, its innovative culture, and its brightest lesser-known employees, amongst other things (For example, did you know that Google's founders decided to pursue Google only after abandoning their idea for a fax-in pizza delivery service?) If you're a Google fan, a potential employee, or a startup founder, you should definitely read this book.
An absolutely incredible read, cannot gush enough about the detailed level of insight and perspective this book provides into one of the greatest companies of our generation, or of any generation! Google has obviously had a lot of successes and some incredible products apart from the its core search product, but just understanding the tumultuous decision making process that goes on inside the company, the hugely ambitious nature of its founders and even how they struggle with staying ahead or playing catch up makes for a gripping read. Apart from its successes, loved the details provided into Google China's venture, the problems that the company faced, the headway they made and finally why they pulled the plug. And then the Google Book Search project section just wowed. Just the incredible thought process to take on such a project - irrespective of its success or not - demonstrates the Google founders as true leaders of our society. I personally have no doubt in their intentions and always believe Google will not be evil.