In or Out

A Slack app for keeping track of who is in or who is out.

I (mistakenly) assumed this was to determine who was in or out of the office.
@jadojodo Hi Jordan! That is actually the exact thing that inspired this app, and how we use it regularly. But we realized there are a lot of questions that are very similar. Who ____? One thing we're planning to add is the ability to schedule a question and make it reoccurring. In the context of "in or out" of the office, would love to hear any feedback or suggestions you have. Cheers!
Hi Product Hunt! In or Out is a simple Slack App for asking your team simple questions like: Who wants lunch? What time should we meet? Who is the fairest of them all? It uses Slack interactive message buttons to collect responses and tallies results below the message. 🐣 Easy peasy. A few technical details: - It's [open source]( - Uses the new open source library for creating Slack Apps: [Slapp]( - Runs on [Beep Boop](
Hey Mike, This bot is wonderful! I've been wanting a bot like this for some time. However, I've noticed a limiting issue: The responses allowed by the bot are not very long. For example, I asked my team this morning if today would be "Excellent", "Awesome", or "I didn't get enough sleep" and the third option about not getting enough sleep was unreadable due to being cut off with an ellipsis. It read something like "I didn't get enou..." Is there any way the maximum number of characters allowed in response options could be extended? -Charles
@magnuson Thanks! The length is currently a limitation of the amount of text allowed in a Slack interactive message button. I suppose we could list the options as text with buttons to select each option, perhaps conditionally if the text is too long. We'll tinker with it and let you know when there is something to try.