An App That Searches In Your Apps

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I think the ecosystem for deep links is still a little immature for this to be useful yet, but this is a big idea. I get incredibly frustrated when a mobile google search reveals a Twitter profile and it opens the Twitter mobile site. As I understand it, the Android ecosystem w/ Google is a bit more user friendly with this, but I applaud the effort. I had thrown together a POC using Bing's search API and crawling the results for App Link or Twitter Card meta tags, but the hit rate was sooooo low it wasn't worth it. i.e. a search for "ferguson" only had 2 web results with corresponding iOS deep links. This is an interesting approach though it seems - using google custom search to only search a subset of domains for which we already know we can construct deep links for?
@sammybauch I also evaluated Bing Search API and it just wasn't good enough. Yes, the custom search is limited to domains of searchable apps and also the subset of those apps that are installed on the device.