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Imux is a handy tool when you have huge amount of data in excel sheets and SQL Databses and want to search complex queries in simple english to take a decision or create a report. Use Imux Beta to quickly upload, search, create dashboards and share with peers.

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  • Siddharth RamBuilding Tymline

    searched my excel sheets and SQL databases in seconds without writing SQL queries


    UI needs to improve and add some case studies on how this can be useful

    Try using IMUX next time while working on Microsoft excel to create graphs or tables. This reduces a lot of your work.

    Siddharth Ram has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    I Could use it without any background in analytics .Keyword search of Imux is amazing


    Should add Multiple Integrations

    Give Imux A try if you are from Non-coding backgroud.

    Siddartha Varma has used this product for one month.


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Ram Harsha KunchamMaker@iamramharsha · Founder at
Hello All! I am Ram Harsha, cofounder of Often users have a lot of data in the form of excel sheets and databases and few other formats which do not allow product managers and business executive to search queries easily in simple text. Imux helps you to connect your various datasources (like MySql, PostGres, Excel & .csv) and analyse them. You can also create dashboards and add or share with users to collaboratively take actions. Making reports will never be as easy and quick.
Kireeti VarmaHunter@kireetivarma · Co-founder of @TymlineCo.
📣 Hello 🚀 Product Hunt Users! 👋🏻 Imux Beta is a Business Intelligence tool 〽️ to search 🔍 data in simple english instead of complex queries. You can also save the generated reports 📊📈📉 to dashboards 📌 and check back any time. Save & share 📎 the dashboards to 💼 colleagues 🔒🔓 to collaborate work! ✌🏻 Imux is on a Beta release 🐣 now. @iamramharsha has planned for a good UI update in the coming days. 🦋 Shower your thoughts here, or mail to for any help.
Ram Harsha KunchamMaker@iamramharsha · Founder at
Hey @siddartha_varma! Thanks for trying the product. We are still in our beta and trying our best to increase the integrations. Do follow us for u[dates. :)
Kireeti VarmaHunter@kireetivarma · Co-founder of @TymlineCo.
Ayush Chandra@ayush_chandra · Research Intern & Tech Evangelist
Any cool features in this ?
Ram Harsha KunchamMaker@iamramharsha · Founder at
@ayush_chandra hey ayush, imux is a product that has been simplified from traditional bi tools, you can search your super large excel files on imux and analyse your data through search. it has minimal learning curve unlike current tools