Find personal contacts from social networks.

Improver is a simple and user-friendly Chrome extension that reveals contact information from social networks. We help 2500+ recruiters and business managers to reach their prospects and candidates via email and speed up communication.

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Ease of use is best feature, no issues with login, taking space, re-uping, broken links, etc.... 100% always on and working.


Easy login


Not unique, but helpful anyway

I recommend it


Great tool


No cons

Is it something similar to or Looks great! I would like to publish an interview about Improver at at no cost at all - please fill the form on the website, or PM at
@startupradius @paul_shuteyev Hey, Paul! Yes, it is a contact finding tool like what you've mentioned. Thanks for noticing our toll, I'll keep in touch!
I've had on my radar for quite some time since I listed it on my list of B2B Sales Prospecting Tools here: Congrats on the launch!
@n_clemmons thank you for the review! Great job.
Hey, Hunters!🤘 I'm Alex, CEO of Improver. We have a great deal for you: ⚡50% discount⚡on any plan for every Hunter. Visit to receive a promo code. We've been working hard last 1,5 years to create a reliable tool and gather the verified database of 150+ million emails & phone numbers. We're building Improver Chrome extension to give our users - recruiters & sales professionals - more effective ways to connect with people who matter. We're here to hear everybody's feedback and questions. Let us know what you think!❤️ Also, don't forget about the special discount and stay tuned.