improve My Life: Tasks&Eisenhower Matrix

Task management app for self improvement & work-life balance

Task management✔ app:
→Eisenhower matrix
→Wheel of Life
→Web version of the program
→Voice assistant
💡Get advice from your assistant . A system of motivation to achieve the goals
🏆Collect rewards. Achievement system based on your behavior
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Hi👋, Product Hunt community! I'm Alex Maximov, the CEO of improveMyLife. When I was 33 I faced the problem of work overload🔥🔥🔥. On the one hand, I had nothing to complain about. By that time I'd successfully launched two large businesses and had had enough money💰💰 to get me whatever I wanted. And still, I was not happy🙁. My life was not balanced. The already exciting products on the market did not give me a clear and easy solution I needed. So I began to outline and describe my management system to help me achieve balance. My notes would get tabled, and I would get back to them from time to time. And so, in 2018, the concept and philosophy of the approach were ready and I began to implement this solution in digital. The program that I proudly present to you is the task management system improve My Life You might think 'eh, another task manager✔️✔️, there are a dime a dozen of those, nothing new here'🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️ But it is not an ordinary 'to do' list app, its main goal is achieving a balance⚖️ between all the spheres of life of a person. Improve My Life includes a whole set of tools and techniques to help it along the way: → Division of tasks into categories of urgency and importance of the Eisenhower matrix; → Binding of tasks to the categories of Wheel of Life🎡; → Some tasks are more important⭐ than others and their implementation directly affects the connected segment of life. Just like in Skyrim, when you run a lot, endurance increases; → For completing your tasks you get achievements🏆. We keep world statistics on the achievements received. Did you know that only 25% of people complete their daily tasks? → Improve My Life's AI analyzes your tasks and gives recommendations on organizing affairs and changing habits to achieve your goals. → Cool widgets on Android! Customize the display of tasks as you like. Display only work-related tasks containing the word "Report" on desktop, or make your own analogue of the Eisenhower Matrix. → We made a web version🌐 of improve My Life. At the same time, on small screens, you will see an analog of a mobile application, and on a wide - completely redesigned interface giving cool new opportunities. Why do you need a phone to view your affairs if you are using your laptop most of the time? You can just open iML in a new tab and get to work. → And many more features aimed at the convenience of users to improve Their Lives. 🙏Thank you for all the feedback and suggestions. So thankful for the support🤝 of this community!