Create beautiful promotional social videos with your iPhone

#5 Product of the DayJuly 02, 2019
Impresso helps marketers to create stunning promo videos in minutes and stand out amongst their competitors on social media. Businesses that use video in their marketing plans increase their revenue by 49% compared to non-video users.
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Hi Product Hunters and many thanks to Kevin for hunting Impresso! I am Kemal, CEO and Co-founder at Pixery. Impresso is a video maker app designed for marketers, social media managers and content creators. All iPhone users can make professional looking videos in minutes with their photos and video clips to promote their brand and stand out on social media. No need to have prior experience or technical skill to make high quality videos with Impresso. There are hundreds of video templates and layouts available for free. Simply pick your template, choose photos from your camera roll or free stock images and add your message with an animated text to make your video and share it on social media. It takes just a few taps to edit and customize your video to match your brand using your choice of color and font. We launched Impresso v.2 in April. The new Impresso is redeveloped from scratch based on the feedback we received for v.1. For the past year, we really worked hard to make the new version more flexible & powerful yet easy to use. Please let us know what you think about the new Impresso. We’d love to get your feedback and answer your questions. We offer Product Hunters 12 months PRO membership for FREE. Just send your email to mention ProductHunt. We'll create your account and upgrade you to PRO membership. Cheers!
@impresso @kemalugur This is an awesome offer for Product Hunters, thank you. Just one thing, do we just sign up for the trial in-app, and then email you? There doesn't appear to be anywhere to just sign up with an email without signing up for the trial.
@impresso @craigcpaterson Thank you for your comments. Please, just send your email address to marketing ( at ) We'll create your account and upgrade you to PRO.
@impresso @kemalugur Thank you for getting back to me. Email sent 😉
@impresso @kemalugur thank you for the account. I will be testing later today and provide my feedback 👍🏻

Keep up the great work!


+Many free templates +Cool designs +Easy to use (Drag and drop etc.) +Customizable promo templates


-I want to upload a transparent logo once and use it for all videos I customized.

Great feedback! We'll discuss this at our next product meeting @bacanli .
AWESOME app, easy to use yet powerful
Thank you very much Greg. It is awesome to get this feedback from our users. Feel free to share any idea that you think will make Impresso even better. @musictriage

Awesome app, easy to use, excellent layouts. Well done developers👍🌈


Easy to use, excellent layouts.


Waiting for new updates no cons 👍

Great. Let us know if you have any idea to improve Impresso.

Impresso is great...


Easy create video and sharing.


I think it is quite useful with this version.

Thank you very much. Glad to hear that!