The Best Startup Domain Name Generator Ever.

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"You give us a keyword and we combine it with our carefully selected list of nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Then we search for unregistered domain names and show you the results."
@erictwillis Got some good results from this for short .com domains. Thanks for sharing.
@robjama Glad it was helpful, Robleh.
Timely considering this week's South Park episode
@rossdcurrie Thanks for the reminder Ross. I forgot the new season just started.
Pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing Eric.
This is actually pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.
meh.... ive seen stuff like this before... this site only gives you the option of at least four letter words to add. what about three or two letters, like 'get' or 'the'. also, why only gives a dozen or so options? good share anyway!