Use the content from a Google Doc in any web page

ImportDoc lets you use the content from any Google Doc in a web page. Simply add a document to the service, and you will be given HTML code to paste into your website. When you edit your Google Doc, changes go live instantly.
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Such a streamlined way to publish content!
Found the site on HackerNews, pretty cool and impressive!
Hi, I’m Gabe. ImportDoc is a way to put content from Google Docs on the web. Because ImportDoc uses a web component to embed your content instead of an iframe, it automatically inherits the style from the page you put it in. Here's a codesandbox example of creating a blog post with ImportDoc see the article content automatically fits in with the rest of the page.
Doesn't seem to work. Connected w/ Google but isn't allowing a new doc to be created.
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@scott_freeman2 Hey Scott, sorry about that. Try adding a document now, if you have any issues ping me at