is a data extractor that requires no coding. In only a few clicks a website is transformed into a machine-readable data a.k.a. Web scraping. Get the information you need - comparison between the web pages, monitoring or just point and click for data extraction.

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1 Review5.0/5
Very cool! I ran into Matt a few days ago in SOMA.
@ashbhoopathy have you used this yet? I downloaded it awhile back but felt the learning curve was a bit high without understanding exactly how powerful it would end up being. If the learning curve is > than doing it manually, I wouldn't invest the time. Would love to hear your story if you've used it.
@adamslieb it's pretty easy and gotten even easier.
I found out about this one recently from Matt Ellsworth @MattEllsworth, who's the head of growth @Storefront. FYI, he's teaching a class that's free if you sign up today on Udemy. The password is INMINUTES.
How does this compare with Kimono?
@crixlet good question. Checking out Kimono.
@crixlet it seems to have slightly more advanced functionality vs Kimono
How would you use this?
@adii use it to scrape the web. Link to tutorial above.