Import Ant

On demand data mining ⛏ service with 24 hours ⏳ turnaround

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Import Ant is an on-demand data mining service for those who need to get their hands on structured data within 24 hours.

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Colin Winhall
Colin WinhallMakerPro@colinwinhall · Problem solver.
Hi Product Hunters, This is my 3rd launch on PH now. 🎉 It's a very minor one but I believe it's a service that could help a lot of makers ⚒ out there. I decided to make and offer this service after noticing a demand for structured data from the maker community over at In order to get a lot of projects up and running, some structured data is required to feed in to the app/website. Some makers are unfamiliar with this process and it is incredibly time consuming and frustrating to get the ball rolling. I have several years of experience in setting up scrapers and make use of several premium memberships with UI and AI based crawler services that enable me to have a fast turnaround time. I look forward to hearing your feedback!
Vali Draganescu
Vali Draganescu@vfdraganescu · Mobile app developer
$50 upfront to sign-up? Now that is how you make money 😉
Colin Winhall
Colin WinhallMakerPro@colinwinhall · Problem solver.
@vfdraganescu I'm not sure what to make of the comment 😅Signing up is essentially hiring me for data mining. So yeah, I need to be paid for services right? 😊 Alternatively, users can request a free demo of the output I am able to create via the bottom of the page.