Make your friends say the craziest things.

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So I don't have a fancy story explaining why I created this. It was basically because I could and because I wanted to poke fun at my friends. I soon realised that if I found it funny someone else would probably too. So here it is. Impersonate - a video face swap app. Some examples of the output of this app: Let me know what you think. Always looking for some good feedback.
@heyrodrigo Here another similar product, which has been on PH half a year ago:
@lukasingelheim @heyrodrigo Nice! I did not discover this one when I looked around in the App Store. I see that you are the maker of the app. What kind of feedback did you get on yours?
Money well spent! One of my favorite apps now hahah
@mikehlee_ Happy to hear that. 😀
Lulz. Nice one. Is there a library of sounds (similar to dubsmash) available?
@rahulr047 Thanks! At them moment no but I'm thinking of adding different kinds of environmental sounds that could match the selected photos.
@heyrodrigo @rahulr047 How about voice modulators? High-pitch? Low-pitch? Darth-Vaderish sounds?
@rahulr047 Next version will have that. :)
Honestly looks a lot of fun! I'd post some video examples (like the ones on your Instagram feed) as an app preview in the App Store so it's clear what this is all about. Congrats and good luck
I'd also consider a freemium model. You'll have a hard time w virality with a $1.99 price point. Perhaps keep the app free and let users buy voice modulators?
@adammash Hi. Thank you for the feedback. You have some valid points. The App Store presence could indeed be improved with actually showing a video example. I will add this as soon as I can. The pricing is another good point. I've been struggling a bit with this. I, myself like to pay for things upfront and get everything at once. For 2 bucks I'm willing to take a chance. But maybe the majority of people would like to give it a try first and then decide if they want to get the extra stuff. What is your preference? Upfront or freemium?
@heyrodrigo i'd def say freemium, especially for something like this that really lends itself to organic sharing on Instagram or vine by young people who don't necessarily have a lot of money to spend on apps. I just emailed you btw!
@heyrodrigo @adammash This question was answered years ago now. Freemium won. Customers/users prefer it and are certainly accustomed to it. This app should be freemium. Your examples look fun and are hilarious. But even with that I'd see the price tag and say "pass".