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I think this is a smart way to develop this app. I can see a number of ideas in my mind to integrate this service (via your API) into other applications. I like this a lot.
@tparish thanks! I've been thinking of fun ways to use it. I think the best application I have so far is dynamic page style generation based on images. Or for build your own website companies that want to recommend colors to their users.
Impalette is an Azure hosted web app that allows artists, designers, web developers, and other creative professionals to upload images to find the nearest neighbors of dominant and related colors to predefined color palettes. Basically, it takes an image apart and finds it's colors that most closely map to a predefined color palette, like Pantone C. Impalette is different than other palette generators because 1) it maps to predefined popular color palettes and 2) there are controls that allow users to scan for specific brightness and saturation ranges to get exactly the colors your are looking to extract. Currently, Impalette has Pantone C, Sherwin Williams, and Dunn Edwards. I plan on adding more as I find palettes. Additionally, you get back the color names from the respective palettes as well as the hex values. There’s also an API that allows 1000 requests per day. It’s one endpoint and pretty easy to use. There’s some light documentation on the landing page (just create an account to get access to the API). The API returns Hex, HSV, RGB, and the color’s palette specific name. I made this in my spare time because I often work with clients who are small and lack a style guide, but have images that contain colors they would like in their final product. This is a quick way for me to figure out colors that will look good on print or paint and get their actual color names. Thanks for your interest and I hope someone finds it useful! If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them. Technologies used: -Redis -ASP.NET MVC -jQuery -Azure
@mipmap04 Any plans on a mobile app yet? I feel like it could be very convenient for individual consultants in a variety of industries to have something like this that they could use "on the go".
@w3bshark most definitely! Mobile app is next on the burn down list for iOS and android. I'm gonna try to get a first cut out in the next few weeks. I'll also be adding the ability to create images with colors boxes on them that you can then send to clients or take with you to buy paint.
@mipmap04 Awesome! Congrats on the rollout. Nice work on building an API. You're a step ahead of other similar products out there by having that.
@dannyfiorentini thanks! Hope you find it useful!
Seems dead. https://impalette.com doesn't work. I used https://www.degraeve.com/color-p... in replacement.