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Impactful is a platform for technologists to develop their careers in social good by connecting them with socially-impactful opportunities and with other impact-driven technologists.
We can help you find ways to change the world.
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Impactful is a platform that curates projects for social good. They've got a wide range of projects in their database and are constantly adding & curating to it. The world always needs more people, especially people in tech to help with projects that bring about social good.
So useful! Thanks for making it so easily available for everyone!!
I think it’s one of those services that seems like such an obvious good idea, yet most of us would’ve never thought about. Makes it simple & easy to find good, impactful work, chipping away at what I believe is the main thing stopping most people from engaging in this kind of work. Just a product that’s incredibly easy to get behind.
Hi ProductHunt! First time maker here. Major thanks to Patrick for hunting us and Mozilla MVP Lab for supporting us! Impactful is a platform for technologists to develop their careers in social good by connecting them with opportunities and other impact-driven technologists. My fellow makers and I began to share lists of opportunities and resources amongst ourselves, and we decided, “why not make it public?” So we built Impactful. Other platforms exist for either career growth or for tech for social impact, but rarely both. If you’re like me, and want to spend your time doing work that matters, our site will make it easier for you to make that difference. On our platform, you can: 👉 find jobs, fellowships, and other career opportunities 👉 explore companies/organizations in the field and learn about the work they do 👉 have meaningful discussions about ethics, equity, and change in tech (by application only) Who is this for? 👉 designers 👉 developers 👉 product managers 👉 data scientists 👉 any other type of techie What issues do we care about? 👉 the environment + climate change 👉 marginalized communities + social equity 👉 healthcare 👉 education 👉 helping people. period. Please give us any and all feedback! Thanks!
Love it, and congrats on the launch! we are working on an impact investing platform (launched today here on PH!) and we definitely need somebody in tech that cares about their impact