Turn selfies or any photo into stickers you can text

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This is fun :) @danielbru imoji'd me:
Hey everyone! Daniel, one of the co-founders of imoji here. We built this app because we're a group of good friends who wanted a better way to send meaningful, funny stickers over iMessage. When we gave access to some other people, we were pleasantly surprised by how others were using it. We hope you find the app as addicting as we do. Check out our promo video, too: Edit: I CANNOT PRODUCTHUNT PROPERLY. Leaving like this because that's how I roll.
Seriously fun! I like emojis because they give emotion that text alone can't (e.g. sarcasm ). Imoji enables and adds a nice personal touch to that emotion without the hassle of having to go take a selfie. Take a good shot, save it for later. Bam! Interesting to note, I noticed today that @swarmapp uses emojis next to an avatar's post if one is included in the post and no sticker is selected. A really interesting way to give emotion to otherwise static avatars. Anyways, very cool @danielbru! Some nice to haves: - Allow re-edit of imojis once created (maybe you can I just couldn't figure it out?) - Allow size. I'd like to be able to make them the standard imoji size (P.S. @rrhoover, when will Product Hunt have emoji support? emojify.js) (P.S.S. @danielbru May be interesting to see if iOS 8 will allow you to create custom keyboards from the imoji's on the fly?)
@corey_gwin we'll get on that. We might even throw in some custom Product Hunt emojis. πŸ˜‰
(@rrhoover While I'm at it, I'd also suggest adding Showdown.js for markdown support instead of HTML in comments.)