Create and publish beautiful Medium-like stories

The team who built #Shorthand, has made #Immersive to help individual storytellers create and publish beautiful stories online, without needing to write a single line of code.
Deadly simple question here. Your tagline is "Create and publish beautiful Medium-like stories", so why shouldn't I use Medium ? I'm sure there is a reason right? :)
@ldesserrey Hi Laurent, I've used 'medium-like' in the tagline to create easy imagery association in people's mind. Medium is beautiful, but this team is approaching beauty from slightly different angel with parallax, scrolling, wiping effects without the storyteller writing a single line of code. Also, IMO Immersive is a perfect way to test the platform capability. If your organization don't want to host its content on medium. Shorthand, the enterprise version of Immersive can help you in that. To say it roughly (Immersive = and Shorthand = ), ( It lets you self-host visually appealing stories unlike Medium.
@ldesserrey @emmanuelamber I was also confused because I didn't get the self-hosting angle from your website, so I'd find a way to communicate that more clearly to your visitors.
Thanks @EmmanuelAmber we are glad you're enjoying Immersive and thanks for posting us on Product Hunt.