Close deals anywhere. Mobile email for sales. (pre-launch)

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70%+ of deal leads are currently wasted due to slow reaction time. Our goal is to give sales-/business-people the actionable information + tools to take action, that they need to capitalize on every lead, wherever they are. We're in beta with the mobile product now, happy to give folks early access.
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@brankocerny when I was at ServiceMagic - all deals were won by contractors if they responded within the first 10 min. Love the concept.
@micah 100x (!) higher chance of getting a hold of a lead if salesperson reacts in 5 min vs in 30 min. (
@brankocerny how much higher if they fill out their description? " kjllkj jkhk" :)
@micah The data on that one is unfortunately inconclusive... I tried - been getting an error :)
@brankocerny I've signed up for early access, still waiting. :)
Really interesting idea of combining Boomerang, CRM tracking, Salesforce, etc. into a single app. I think that if it runs cleanly, it can be an effective replacement for the mail app.
I've been using this for the past week and am a huge fan. Since using CRM tools like Yesware and Tout, I've wanted to have the same functionality in a mobile client.
Seems to be a pivot / experiment from original squareone team (several friends very much enjoy that app)
@ryandawidjan Thanks! We cut our teeth on mobile email with SquareOne, then stumbled upon a huge pain point in a business vertical. Been focused on Immediately full time since early this year - launching soon, growing the team, and have big plans for how much can be done in the sales/business space. We still hope to one day update the engine powering SquareOne with all the evolution we put into Immediately :)
I've been using it for the last couple weeks and love it! So helpful in scheduling meetings with investors!