Cordless AI security camera

✅ No monthly fee ⠀
✅ Free cloud⠀
✅ AI Tech⠀
✅ Cordless⠀
✅ 1080P⠀
✅ Night Vision⠀
✅ IP66⠀
✅ Xiaomi Ecosystem
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A lot of exciting features here. The AI capabilities for distinguishing between humans and other animals is pretty compelling.
@abadesi I'm super skeptical that it works nearly as well as advertised. I've built several custom A.I. surveillance systems and the bottom line is that off-the-shelf computer vision models ("AI Tech") do not work that well at all - especially at odd angles and in weird lighting conditions. You need to train a custom model for each camera to get anywhere close to reliable results and even then you're gonna have loads of false positives / negatives if you're not fine-tuning the model to each camera.
@alxcnwy Interesting insight thanks for sharing.
Can't wait for Wyze to re-skin this so I can buy it.
Already thinking about buying.
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