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Hi! I helped make this and would be happy to answer any questions.
@jwgur Well done. Are you using youtube-dl in the back to support that many websites ?
@romaincointepas Yes that is correct. We chose youtube-dl because of its fantastic support in the community (over 8,00 stars!) and good breadth.
This is very similar to @rorybro's gifYouTube and Google's also experimenting with this functionality on YouTube itself. Here's a lovely GIF of @kylebrussell dancing that I just made (unfortunately we don't support embedding of .gifv file formats on PH yet) EDIT: Giphy just announced their $17M round. Timely. Here's @ajs' coverage of the news.
@rrhoover We think Imgur's Video to GIF is the easiest GIF maker on the web with the highest quality output. Happy to answer any q's!
@kylebrussell @ajs @rrhoover Ayy thanks for GifYouTube shoutout. Lots of stuff in the GIFosphere, and excited to be involved in GIF tech being pushed out there. >1,200,000 gifs made (currently a gif every 15s) on GifYouTube, and a lot more tech to come. Excited to see what the field is working on. @gerstenzang - awesome stuff. Definitely feel free to reach back out. I know you tweeted at me a few months ago but I think we never ended up connecting. Much love and give a hug to the imgur team!
Yep, exactly. For how democratic GIF-consumption is, it's largely been a small group of people making GIFs. We're super excited to see what the Imgur community and the wider web will do with this– we're expecting a whole new generation of web culture creators
+1 to @rrhoover comment - great to see more tools arise. Funny to think many of us have seen or shared hundreds if not thousands of GIFs in browsing the web but chances are we've created little to none. Mentioned this here https://twitter.com/ryandawidjan... but seems to me this cements Imgur's plan to continue to try and be a destination site / community rather than a great (fast, mobile) hosting site. Giphy has been doing interesting business deals with brands but on a consumer side, in my mind, has been scene as fun discovery and search experience rather than a utility to upload a file. Imgur CEO Alan talked with @jason about this as well
explaining that it has quite a strong community that live in the comments and among trending pieces...guess they want to make those folks content creators too! Nice work @gerstenzang
I'm so glad PH likes this! We think it's a big step forward for content creation and self expression on the Internet. So stoked to see what people do with it.