Imgur's Snacks and Feed

Immersive and Customizable Imgur Experiences for Android

Our new features are called Snacks and Feed, and they showcase our community’s amazing ability to surface the most entertaining stuff in the world. Snacks and Feed will allow you to discover more of the content that makes you laugh, makes you learn, and leaves you feeling better than when you arrived.

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Hey ProductHunt! We've released two new features on Android today. Snacks, a full-screen, immersive GIF experience featuring the best of Imgur's content, and Feed, a new feature which allows you to customize your Imgur experience by following content categories and creators. We're making the move from simple image-sharing community to full-fledged community-powered entertainment company, and these features are helping us get there.

Big step forward for Imgur.


Easy, intuitive, content forward.


New navigation paradigm takes time to get used to.