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#3 Product of the DayJuly 27, 2019
Resize, crop, optimize your images or add a watermark to your photos online. Process all your images in a batch and download processed files in a single ZIP.
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I would love to see this as an API ☺️
@discvrd Yeah, that would be great.
@discvrd I came to the comments to say this too. This should be an API.
Does this also optimize the images for webp format ?
@muhammad_farasat Unfortunately, webp format is currently not supported.
@dmitriykalmykov Is the compression really lossless??? Because at I test I just did Imgbot had a 100x better result than ImageOptim (lossless). How is this possible? I had to use a setting of 65% *lossy* compression with ImageOptim to get the same result. 😳
@hi_iamben Compression is not lossless technicaly. We use dynamic compression algorithms to reduce file size without visible loss of quality.
@dmitriykalmykov Ok. But why do you write under "About Image Optimizer" »Imgbot uses lossless compression algorithms which helps to reduce the size of your images without losing quality.« when it is NOT lossless compression? If I understood you right, you use lossy compression, yes?
Imgbot is a free online tools for image processing. We made these tools for our own needs, but now we want to share them with everyone. With Imgbot you can resize, crop, optimize your images in a batch or add watermark to your photos to protect them.
@dmitriykalmykov This is awesome, thanks! I signed in to upvote the tool and leave this comment. As someone providing widgets to hundreds of thousands of people, at times they ask for ways to optimize their images. While ImageOptim was a good choice for Mac users, not everyone is on a mac. :)
Not the new kind of tool, but nice design compared to the others (: