Import, edit and share your 3D projects via web and mobile

iMeshup is a collaboration platform for everything 3D. Easily import your 3D creations to our secure cloud in any file format you can even export them directly from your 3D software! Then, edit and share them with your coworkers and clients. We work everywhere! View and collaborate from any web browser or device, including iOS and Android.

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Piotr NietrzebkaCOO&Co-Founder@Risen.



Lightweight cooperation.


Some minor UI issues.

Duke Vu
Hi everyone! I’m the founder of iMeshup - a team of nerds with needs. After a year of hard work, we can finally introduce iMeshup to the Product Hunt community. Was it difficult? Sometimes. Did it require a lot of work? Every project does, if you want to do it right! But you must be curious, how is that possible, that a team that does not have a single 3D designer decided to make a 3D collaboration tool? Let me tell you a short story. Two years ago, as developers, we worked on a project with some architect developers. We exchanged tons of e-mails, had skypes, received a lot of heavy files, commented, asked for changes, reviewed them and again send more e-mails and… we were not even half way through! We were a little frustrated as partners and realized that many great ideas might have died just because the process of collaborating was too long. And not only in architecture models, but in all 3D creations. So we decided ok, there has to be an easier way... A way that we can simply leave a comment or maybe change something by ourselves, just to show what we want. So we talked with a lot of 3D graphic designers and come up with the idea of iMeshup. We wanted something simple, that everyone can use (we thought of ourselves as clients then) and understand. During that process we received a lot of voices saying that it might be also helpful with working inside a graphic teams. We simply went for it! Seamless collaboration was our main goal. We might not be the greatest editing claud tool that there is (still - we are improving that), but we are where we thought we were needed the most - right in the middle of information and opinion on the 3D models exchange. Soon we want to include VR/AR. If you want to see how we are doing, just follow us on Facebook: I hope we will surprise you :slightly_smiling_face: Also - we want to hear from you as much as it’s possible. Help us improving iMeshup by leaving comments or just contacting us if you want to see some feature added. Thanks for reading I wish you happy collaborating!