IMDb Bot

Easily get movie information in your Slack team from IMDb

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This!!!! IMDb is a great use-case for a bot I think - would be awesome via SMS/Messenger. I hate having to go to the mobile site or app to look up movie/actor information. I actually tweeted a Request For Bot not long ago asking for an IMDb bot (here) and here it is!
@bentossell Yeah, me and a colleague often discuss movies on Slack and a quick synopsis really helps!
Hi everyone, I've hunted IMDb Bot today, @martijnoud reached out to me on Reddit and I was more than happy to post this great little bot. It will grab movie information in your Slack team from IMDb with a /imdb command. Super neat πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
@scttantarctic Thanks for hunting! :)
boy not for slack. for messenger please
@ourielohayon for everywhere for that matter πŸ˜„
I love IMDB. Great stuff! Installed it just now.
Would love to see this for messenger