A Duolingo-style app for Math

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Cool! When on Android, I will download. Awesome work!
@levibostian Hi there! The app is already available on Android (with the same name though :D), but without the gamification and progress tracking! We will release this new version on Play Store too, but the date is TBA.
@obliviux Oh? The "Get It" button here only points to App Store. That made me assume it's not on Android yet. I would be happy to beta test new builds if you would like as well. Apps are kinda my thing would be happy to help.
Hi Product Hunters, and thanks @marco_santonocito for hunting iMathematics! I'm the Founder & Software Engineer of this awesome app! iMathematics is, simply, the Duolingo for learning Math! It has been initially published on AppStore in 2009, and until now it counts over 4 MILLION downloads worldwide, and it's used by hundreds of schools as a teaching support! In this new update we've completely redesigned the UI/UX and, inspired by Duolingo, we've added all the gamification experience, tracking the progress of the students, encouraging them to improve their mathematical skills. There are daily training sessions, simple explanations of over 120 topics, +2000 quizzes, calculators and tools to help students solve math problems, and a wonderful Apple Watch version to check formulas on-the-go! Our team would be happy to know your views and answer your questions. Product hunters, join the conversation!! Cheers, Antonio
Looks great! Coming in at a perfect time, my GCSE year! Is this adapted for the 1-9 exams?
@giacomolaw hi there, math is really a massive subject, we've included as many topics as possible and for the GCSE exam we cover around 80% of the topics! More topics will be added in future updates! 😊
@obliviux Okay, great! Thank you! Looking forward to it.
Google login isn't working and so signed up for an account instead and got an endless saving spinner. Any problems @obliviux with creating accounts at the moment?
@ichillidesign Hi Craig, our server has been down for some minutes due to the many requests! Now everything is up and running, please do let me know if you still have any problems! :)
@obliviux ok. Thanks for the reply. Not working yet but I'll keep trying. Good luck with it! Cheers.
@ichillidesign that's odd, maybe some local requests are still in queue! Please try to force quit the app (double-click home button, flick the app up) before creating the account, we've just tried to register/login and everything seems to work correctly!
@obliviux Turned my VPN off and worked straight away. 🤔