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Hello Hunters! Imagify is a new image optimization tool from WP Media, the company that brought you the premium WordPress caching plugin, WP Rocket. With Imagify you no longer have to choose between website speed, or beautiful images. Now you can have both, with Imagify's various compression levels to suit your needs. Our algorithms will reduce the weight of your images without sacrificing their quality. You can compress your images from our online app at https://imagify.io, our API or directly in your favorite CMS, such as WordPress, with our free plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/im... Sign up for free and improve your website's loading time in less than 5 minutes!
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@geekpressfr nice work, I'm getting 5%-30% better compression when using images previously compressed by TinyPNG. Have you compared file sizes with images from CDNs that automatically optimize, like http://cloudinary.com? BTW, awesome image comparison tool https://imagify.io/images-compre...
I tested Imagify vs some other compression plugins and some Desktop software for reducing images sizes. Result was that Imagify additionally optimized already optimized images on all sites in average of 40-50%! How is this possible without reducing quality of the images (leaving it on the very high level) - I really don't know... but I don't care as long as it works so good in reducing images without ruining their quality. :-)
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@profi_tools Thank's Ivica for the kind words :)
@jb_ma The Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth... :-)
@profi_tools Wow, can confirm. My very first test reduced the file size by 38% vs. TinyPNG's 9%. That's seriously impressive.
@joeadamg I am happy you had the similar experience as I did :-) I didn't notice any lowering of images quality, did you?
@profi_tools The quality loss is pretty much microscopic. :)
No offense, but this look like a shameless Kraken.io ripoff. What I find most amusing are the similarities between the Kraken.io pricing page and the Imagify pricing page - some parts appear to have been lifted verbatim. For a company which calls itself Imagify, I would say that at the very least it seems to lack imagination. Just my ten cents. Anyway, hats off for getting it to production. Competition is always a good thing.
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@tsmith2007 No offense taken, but there isn't a thousand ways, for a similar product, to design a pricing page. If you have a look at other similar products the pricing page are also quite similar to Kraken or ours :)
Great product! I used to work with tinypng, but your results are waaaay better. And I dig your front-end it's 🔥! You definitely got yourself a new user. Would be awesome if the file size limit for free users would be a bit higher (like 10mb, to handle those unsplash biggies), but I guess you need to draw the line at some point, right? ;)
@itsdavelux Thank's David :) Kudos to @edenpulse for the design and the whole team. Yep 5mb is already pretty big, like you say we need to draw the line :)
Awesome! Will definitely be using this for some side projects