Image recognition platform-as-a-service

Imagga’s image recognition technology fully automates the process of assigning keywords and/or domain-specific categories to visual content. Custom training of the image recognition model can be provided to address specific needs and significantly improve technology precision.

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Looks like the technology has lots of practical use cases, wonder which industry has the most obvious pain and will be early adopter to such technology?
@bogomep Chris, co-founder of @imagga here. The most obvious fit is stock photography and some sub industries associated with it (photo keywording). We strongly believe our technology can significantly improve user experience in photo rich apps (think better photo discovery and search) and help them monetize user generated image content. Will love this implemented on my mobile phone as well, searching (infinite scrolling) for pictures on mobile is such a pain now.
@bogomep, it's Georgi, co-founder of @imagga here. In addition to what @chrisgeorgiev said, we do believe contextual advertising and social media monitoring services could be greatly improved by using our technology. It's a pity that these services lack the image context currently.
Remember trying the comparison with other vision tools, you guys did phenomenal in identifying attributes.