Design and order custom perforated metal.

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Moe Amaya
Moe AmayaMaker@moeamaya · Designer—Developer
Hi Product Hunt! We're excited to launch the lastest version of ImageWall, a browser based tool to create custom large-scale perforated metal walls (or ceilings). The technology comes out of the work the team did on the DeYoung Museum over 10 years ago and now that innovation is available to everyone. We also have a recent installation at TwitterHQ! Happy to answer any questions here from Product Hunters. For a bit more info, we wrote a blog post describing the launch in detail:
Matt Samet
Matt Samet@yozzozo · Hacker & Entrepreneur
Cool tech, but at ELEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS A POP companies like Twitter are going to be your only customers ;)
Steve RAFFNER@steveraffner · Senior Innovation Consultant
I love this concept - congratulations.