SEO Tool for images using AI and Machine Learning

ImageSEO show you what's missing in your image SEO strategy and provide you optimized filenames and alt tags using Machine Learning and AI. It also tell you on which keywords your images are ranking. The WordPress Plugin renames files & fills out ALT.
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I’m Aurelio Volle and I founded ImageSEO with @tdeneulin and @jacquelinclem. We are delighted (if a bit scared) to launch our product here today! For us, going public on PH was THE milestone meaning that our MVP was actually viable. At least, we thought so when we posted it this morning! :-) When we studied our market we realized that images are often neglected in SEO Strategy while, on average, they account for 20% of search engines traffic and constitute the best way to trigger an action. We therefore provide a bunch of features aimed at improving your image rankings in Search Engines. Here is what we do : Make suggestions using Artificial Intelligence: We’ll tell you how to rename your image files and fill out your alternative texts (ALT) based on data we gather from Search Engines. Improve your meshing: ImageSEO is able to tell you on which keywords your images are ranking. Use this information to optimize your internal meshing. WordPress plugin: we’ll automatically rename your images and fill out your alternative texts with the help of IA and Machine Learning. Discover your EXIF Data: We’ll provide you with the Exif Data for your pictures so you can optimize them for SEO. Image HTML TAGs Checker: We’ll make sure that you have not forgotten any html tags that are important for image SEO (alt, title*, figurecaptation*, srcset*, etc). Image Sitemaps generator: We’ll generate your image sitemaps and help Google to better understand your content. Cards for Twitter and Facebook: We’ll generate preview cards for your Social Media. Do not forget that pictures are the best way to reach bigger audiences on Facebook and Twitter. ImageSEO API: With our API, you will be able to optimize all the filenames and the alternative texts of all your images. Don’t let your user generated content ruin your SEO strategy. Learn which pictures your competitors are using. Our AI is able to find which pictures your competitors are using for the same product.* Copywriting and duplicate content: When analyzing your pictures, we’ll let you know if they are duplicated somewhere else on the web.* We hope that you will like our offering and we look forward to reading your feedback! * This feature is coming very soon!
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I don't see any Shopify integration, is that planned ?
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@alexsec3 Hi Alex! Yes! we are working on it:)
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Nice tool !
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Congrats guys, really smart tool !
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Do you read EXIF data?! Awesome! And go LOSC!
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@yannick_chizzolini Yes and we hope soon to be able to edit them
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