Simple workflow for resizing images in slack

ImageResize is a slack app to simplify image resizing workflow.

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Hello PH, Would love some feedback on a slack app to simplify image resizing workflow. Problem: Every social media platform wants to be unique and want to have a different dimension for any images that are posted on their platform. Why is it a problem? It’s really painful to have assets created matching the exact dimension for all of these platforms. Solution: As slack is becoming an integral part of every business small and big I was thinking if we can streamline the flow of image resizing right from slack. This is where the slack app I build plays an important role. 1. Simple slash command which given an image URL will respond back with resized image. 2. Single click asset resizing. Let me know if you have any feedback
@shrikar84 Very interesting tool! Does it keep the original file type or does it convert it to .jpeg?
@nathaniel_adams It keeps the original file type
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Very handy, good luck
@loomiassistant thank you. Let me know if you have any feedback.
Great idea! Just added it to slack and it works well! Would love to see a proportional resize (something like /image-resizer 300 scale {url}) or smart crop, though the latter would be a little more tough to implement. Nice work, thank you :)
@i_forgot_to_water_my_plants thanks for trying it out. I think the proportional resize should be doable . I will at it to my todo list