On-demand content aware image processing API

#4 Product of the DayApril 09, 2018

ImageBoss is an API that brings all web development best practices for images to your clients. On demand CONTENT AWARE image resizing and cropping, progressive scans, compression and CDN to all your images by default.

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I seems like an awesome tool but how do you differentiate from existing tools like Imgix?
Hey there @adeelfaisal2! This is a fair question and I'm happy to answer it for you! Right now, the first thing worth mentioning is that they only offer face recognition algorithms while we go much deeper than that. We do "content aware manipulation", which is a more broad matter. We focus on what we can do to provide awesome images by default instead of giving a bunch of buttons to click. We also have the advantage of being in 2018 so we can design a much more cost affective service. While they charge you $3.00 + Bandwidth, ImageBoss allows you to produce 10x that with a fraction of the cost (starting at $2.10 for 10.000 transformations). I hope my answer was useful! Have a great day, Adeel!
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Welcome to the party :)
Awesome work Igor Escobar! Going to use it on my website in near future, for sure!
I have been studying this space for sometime now as my company is planning to build a SAAS application and tried my hands on Cloudinary, Kraken, ImageKit & Imagix. ImageBoss seems to be quite competitive when it comes to pricing. In fact, when compared with other service providers, your pricing model is revolutionary. And I felt ImageKit's pricing based on only Bandwidth is also quite interesting. Can you please throw some light on your CDN infra?
Very nice! Congratulation on the launch! Are images served via CDN? And is it possible to use a custom domain?
Hey @okydk, Yes! All images goes straight to our CDN to be delivered as fast as possible to your clients. At this time we don't offer the possibility of having your own CDN because you would lose all the caching mechanisms that we have setup (which is very aggressive). We need to think of a way of doing this without increasing your usage with unnecessary server hits.