Sketch plugin to generate color palette from image layer

Sketch Plugin to generate Color Palette from Image Layer.
## User Guide
* Gen Palette
Press `CTRL + SHIFT + P` to generate palette
* Set Auth String
Press `CTRL + SHIFT + K` to set authorization string
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Thank you! Glad someone finally made this.
@tim_haskins Please, share if there's any feedback
Thanks for this
@paras4801 Please, share if there's any feedback
Usefull thanks !!!!
@adrien_donot Please, share if there's any feedback
I really found this Plugin was needed in Sketch Ecosystem, Many Designers on daily basis have this requirement to extract palette out of an Image, hence Image2Palette, Please use it and give your feedback...
I would like to understand more about the requirements of the Designers, especially with Sketch Experience, I would surely like to help and solve the problems...