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The toolkit features: - HTTP server - Resize (GIFT, nfnt resize, Graphicsmagick) - Rotate - Crop - Convert (JPEG, GIF (animated), PNG , BMP, TIFF, ...) - Cache (groupcache, Redis, Memcache, in memory) - Gamma correction - Fully modular
Interesting. I see there are some quite advanced caching capabilities, can it be used as a CDN as well, or it's better using it only for image processing?
@oelmekki I've suggested the maker so hopefully pierre will jump in and answer!!
This is really smart & very much needed. There are services that do this (we use imgix for PH), but for people just starting out who don't have a budget, this looks like a good quick / less feature rich solution. It's certainly superior to cropping/resizing on upload. You never really know what sizes you'll need. If you made a mistake in choosing... then you have to reprocess all previously uploaded images (nightmare!) Could probably stick a CDN in front of this as well (such as cloudflare).
For PHP http://glide.thephpleague.com/ WordPress code http://code.svn.wordpress.org/ph... or a bit older http://adaptive-images.com/ If you want to use a 100% free hosted one you can use https://images.weserv.nl/ or WP hosted solution https://developer.wordpress.com/...
This will solve a huge problem for us! Thanks!