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#3 Product of the DayMarch 22, 2020
For an inspirational purpose or to represent some works, we have to use other sites' images or logos. But sometimes it's difficult to find the logo or images from sites. Here this image picker tool will help you find all sorts of images.
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Really like this, saves a lot of time! A simple click of the icon and boom, shows the images, what's not to like. Thanks for finding this @_g_tarafdar_gtarafdar_
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@lyrwp Thanks a lot for your honest feedback. 😍
I like the extension, integration of data uri images would be a great enhancement.
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@simonwpt thanks a lot. You can share your feature request in the github repo, here is the link,
fast, pretty cool and really easy to use. thanks to this useful tool and the amazing idea!
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@shahriar_ns thanks man 😍
I was wondering about the easiest way to collect company logos from their websites. But sometimes it's too difficult and time-consuming also. As many of the websites use CSS Sprite to show logos to get fewer HTTPS requests. I've tried several Chrome Extension. But this Image Picker tool works best. And I found it helpful. How to Find the images with Image Picker Chrome Extension? Just install the chrome tool from here:πŸ‘‡ Activate it. Visit any website. Click the πŸ“· icon of the Image Picker tool, right-click to download image and enjoy your work.😍 Thanks. If you find it useful too then please share your opinion. Unfortunately, I failed to find the maker except for his Github Profile link, Github Name: bluemirr5 Link: Here is the tutorial of how it works πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘‡