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Come at the perfect time when the Chrome update has just 💩 all over the Inspect process to get images from a site
@bentossell what do you mean? I haven't had any problems at all. what method do you use to get them from Inspect?
@cbouronikos used to be inspect > resource > images > all images were there with full URL. Now I have to go hunting. I'm mobile. Will post a screenshot later!
@bentossell no need. got it. I used to go hunting just for the fun of it.
@bentossell @cbouronikos Go to inspect > application > frames > top > images. I think they are in there now.
You should also add support for css background images. Cause technically it is sometimes easier to use background positioned pictures. I have tested it with my website =)
This is amazingly awesome. Literally one of the most useful websites out there. Whoever made this, thanks very much.
@tipking911 I me sure is legal! I want it!!
Nice! Handy tool:-)
Awesome - thank you for building this! I really needed something like this a few days ago, but will be back. Free forever or plans to monetize?