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Nice plugin! Don't forget if you are planning on using this though that you can also use CSS filters, which are likely to be more efficient. Something like this will be a good fallback though, as CSS blurs aren't supported everywhere (http://caniuse.com/#feat=css-fil...)
@jblok2 few performance issues using css for background blurs
@jblok2 you are correct, CSS filters are not supported by all browsers but SVG blur has wider support, even back to IE 8,9 and so on. I made this plugin to be used at NBCNews.com/video to save on page size and use existing images on the page by blurring them to act as an ambient background.
Now this is actually useful. Avoids me having to open up Photoshop every time!
Great Maksim! and tiny... Will try on one of my sites. Thanx!
I was just searching for the blurr effect for my website , yesterday and I found a post in css-tricks https://css-tricks.com/frosting-... .
Very useful! How does this impact performance?
@mrfransandre depends on what you already have on the page! The plugin uses browser's native SVG filters if they are available so it is very performant, especially if you are not animating the blurred element.