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Would love to get @im5_founder in here to answer some questions!
Hello Hunters, We are excited to have iM5 on PH today. For this technical savvy audience, we like to define iM5 as a combination of many wildly successful social products. If you mashup the meaningfulness of Quora, the brevity of Twitter, the everyone appeal of Facebook with the specific intent of sharing of ideas for real-life action, that's iM5. Looking forward to hearing feedback from the PH community. Thanks for the hunt TM.
Love the idea. Wish there was more content. When did this launch?
@gerbz We shipped the new product yesterday after having our 1.0 beta available for a very short period of time back in March at SXSW. Finding our early adopter tribe to build our community is the focus now that we are in the wild.
@gerbz @im5_founder Do you think focusing on a certain niche or market would help you get that initial traction?
@gerbz @BlendahTom I do. The history of growth for most successful social networks certainly supports a focused effort. However, like Pinterest in its early days, we are not sure where that focus should be directed. With lots of continued outreach, we believe and hope the open nature of our social tool will create a spark with a segment.