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Ines MontaniFounder @explosion_ai
Just installed it as a potential alternative to Franz and I really like it so far. Nice work on the UI – it makes it feel very "native" and takes away a lot of the awkwardness that normally comes with wrapping web apps in desktop apps. +1 on the account re-ordering. That's pretty much the only thing that's missing for me at the moment. (I confess, I did replace the app icon with a more general instant messenger icon so it fits better between my other dock icons. But that's just me 😉)
@_inesmontani +1 on the icon.
Hey Hunters, we’re excited to be on Product Hunt today! With IM+ we are aggregating messaging since 2002. We even made IM+ Skype for iPhone before the App Store came out. Very recently we launched IM+ on the Mac App Store, which currently integrates WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Telegram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WeChat. The app is Electron based, fast, and simply makes you a messaging hero. A couple cool features are: Beautiful sidebar Multiple accounts per service Color tags Muting notifications and sounds IM+ is truly the best way to organize the oftentimes cumbersome messaging experience, and we have many more features in the pipeline. We would love to hear your feedback, so ask us anything!
Bart RuigrokData Nerd
Very sweet interface! Hope to see some extensions in the future, like integration in the menu bar :) Keep up the good work!
Anton Pets
Software Engineer / Web Dev
@bartruigrok thank you for the feedback, Bart, we will add it to our to-do list :)
Ben Tossell
No-coder 👉
I like the layout! How does it compare to Franz or Rambox?
Hi @bentossell, thanks for your question. For now we are focused on integrating a couple services in a useful UI. The added services in the sidebar can be tagged with colors, allowing you to better distinguish them (especially if you have multiple accounts per service). Right now, it’s probably a matter of personal taste, but this is just the first version, and we have many features in the pipeline. Also IM+ is present on every major platform since 2002, from Symbian, Java, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and later Windows Phone, all the way up to iOS and Android. So we wanted to bring it to Mac as well.
Fraser Smith
Software Developer, Shanghai, China
@danberezovsky @bentossell I like that you've actually done some work on the UI side of things. Franz, and to a greater extent Rambox (because it came second) have suffered on that front purely because they are dependant on the defaults of their chosen libraries and therefore look very similar. Just one idea for a future update, the ability to re-order icons on the sidebar would be nice.
@frassmith @bentossell Thanks for your feedback. Account re-ordering is coming soon!
Running multiple Skype instances on mac is a huge pain. Here is the pill! Thanks! :)