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Hi Product Hunters! I'm Mike and I've created a very cool tool for training writers out of the habit of writers block and into the experience of pure writing flow. It's called ilys, which stands for I Love Your Stories. It works by letting the writer only do one thing until they have met their self-chosen word-count goal -- write! The author can't edit what they're writing, can't see what they're writing, can't delete. They can only write. It's so very effective once we let go and let ilys guide us into an easy, pleasurable flow. There is something magical that happens when the editing-mind "gets" that there is nothing for it to do while the writing is happening. At this point, it basically takes a nap. And while the critical editor is napping, the creative-mind explodes with freedom. This creative explosion feels amazing, orgasmic even! I've personally experienced many peak-states of flow with ilys and I am convinced that my life has improved in every dimension because I am learning to allow more flow through my writing. ilys is optimized for Google Chrome on desktop and laptop computers. The app versions are in development. I am so very happy to be here with you all and am delighted to answer all questions. Thank you very much and I wish you a most beautiful day! Cheers, Michael Gurevich Creator of ilys
@lumamatik Just purchased. I steadily wrote 1,900 words in 90 minutes of a new draft on the trial (while listening to epic music:
). Will gladly write a full-length testimonial after I take the product for a weekend's-worth of writing sessions. Cheers.
@decision_ @lumamatik also didn't know you were in Bali (noticed on twitter), neat as I grew up in Jakarta and Asia more broadly.
@decision_ @lumamatik Wow! That must have been very interesting to grow in Jakarta!! I am now in Barcelona getting ready for Brazil :) I LOVE BALI and can't wait to return! :) :) :) :) I hope you're having a lot of fun with your writing :)
This. Is. Awesome. It will come in handy for NaNoWriMo, too. And by the way, you'll need to let go of control for this one, from one control freak to another. Have fun writing, you guys! :D
that looks very crazy. i think our editors will love it! props for this innovative (i never seen anything like this before) way of a writingapp!
this is pretty exciting. I think I would initially be afraid that I would have alot of typos, but I can see it be like riding a bicyole where it eventually gets easier and beneficial
Hey everyone - It's been a great journey working with my very good friend Mike on Ilys. We think the Product Hunt community will love letting go with Ilys. Of course, it's free to create an account and take Ilys for a test drive. Nevertheless, if you love it and want an unlimited account, then we are offering Product Hunters half-price for the annual subscription. Just follow the Product Hunt link to enjoy the offer!