Create lighting magic anywhere with the 1st LED strip

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Niv DrorHiring@nivo0o0 · VC at Shrug Capital
💡 game is strong.
Capri GalaskaHunter@caprihiggins · Co-Founder @anchorxyz
My favorite is the video (#squirrel #pool) and the fact I can turn my @ridepeloton room into a nightclub.
Romain Sourdiaux@imromains · 🍋
The kickstarter video is good 😎 👍🏻 Interesting product. Effects and presets are a good idea!
Wafiq S Ali@wafiq_s_ali
love it!
Roman Pramberger@talkb1nary · Dev
Which chipset does it use? > The ilumi Smartstrip is the first and only strip to combine digitally addressable RGB control with analog control of white LEDs, so you don't have to compromise fun for functional. I am pretty sure my 3-4 year old cheap WS2801 strip does this as well. What makes it special? Anyway, kudos and good luck.
Capri GalaskaHunter@caprihiggins · Co-Founder @anchorxyz
@talkb1nary I'm just the hunter, but I'm thinking the appeal is the app that's married to the smartstrip. The different preset settings are what caught my eye 👁, I'm not technically advanced so pretty lights that change with music easily entertains me 🙊
Roman Pramberger@talkb1nary · Dev
@caprihiggins i thought the makers may show up, but well :) I am with you on this, shiny lights that work with music are always nice.