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Hello Hunters, Really excited to share illustrio with the Product Hunt community! This app is super useful if you want to customize charts or icons for your content. Love the fact that you can create a color scheme out of any logo by simply typing in the company name! Pretty innovative :-)
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Hello everyone, Thank you @alexd ! Our mission is to allow anyone to get the right graphical elements for their slides, newsletters or online projects. We offer a wide range of illustrations, infographic elements and other useful visuals. Customize them online in a couple clicks: apply your logo colors, change chart values or edit text. I hope you find it easy to use. Please tell us what you think so we can keep improving! Cheers, Seb
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@alexd a simple but useful idea. Going to give it a try!
@alexd Wow, this actually blew me away. As a marketer / brand / creative I was pleasantly surprised that even startup logos showed up for easy color matching. I did however find that the background of my logo was black (supposed to be transparent). Also is there a way of changing the order of the two colors? All in all simple easy and beautiful!
@nadia_yun @alexd Two great points you just made Nadia, thanks. It is possible to swap colors of a graphic on an individual basis (by clicking on "swap colors"), but not globally yet. This will be added very soon though. We use Clearbit's API for their logos and rely on their database. Not perfect but people are usually positively surprised!
@sebdursel @alexd .... I made a rocket using my startup's brand colors (how did you find my company logo for http://rendrfx.com like magic?)
I have been testing Illustrio for few months already, and I am really happy with it. I have used it to give nice touch to my slides with icons that fit my brand's colors Really recommend giving it a try, if you are consuming a lot of icons/illustration on your site or on slides.
@picsoung Thank you! You are indeed part of our very early rocking users ;)
Just signed up and in the space of 4 mins i have selected 3 icons, customised the colour scheme and updated my homepage! Looking great! http://www.designio.tech/ cheers @alexd
@thisdickie You just made our day!
I just made my first pitch deck using Illustrio :-) Really fast, just amazing. Congrats for the hard work guys!
@seyz_ Thanks man, let's hope your deck is successful :)
This is a really nice tool that can be used like a swiss army knife. You can improve content, marketing, presentations and much more. And It's easy to use for non-designers.
@germancastano German, thank you so much for your feedback. We're really trying to make things easier for people (including myself actually :D)