illustrio 2.0

Infinitely customizable icons for everyone.

#2 Product of the DayNovember 30, 2016
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Hello Hunters, Really excited to share the brand new version of illustrio with the community! What’s new? • Complete product redesign 🐣 • Instagram-like filters for icons 📷 • 5000+ new graphics from top designers 😻 • Icons available in SVG 😎 • Subscriptions for power users 💰 The app now offers a much wider range of customizations and totally new icons. Our mission is still the same though 😉: We make it easy for {{insert your job here}} to create beautiful content. We’re super eager to get your feedback, please tell us what you (truly) think 🙏
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We love Illustrio at Mention!
@mvaxelaire Thanks for your support ! We use Mention and of course we ❤️ you too!
A must have in the developer toolbox. thanks!
@rohillion Thanks, we hope so 😊
I'm in love with illustrio and the customization ability! Easy, intuitive, and subscription ability! 🚀 Awesome job!
@as_austin 😻 thanks !!!
Personally, I like this product a lot. I'm not a graphics person. I'm more of a 'get it done quickly' kind of person for all sorts of adhoc projects. I'm always needing graphics like this, I'm wanting to modify them easily and I'm looking for a broad selection without paying for a library I will not use. There is no app to load on my machine everything runs in the browser. The pricing is extremely fair and the development team is accessible (I had a question a while back and received a quick reply). Lots to like about this product and team.
@tparish Thanks very much for your support :) we appreciate it