illustrio 2.0

Infinitely customizable icons for everyone.



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Didier Forest — Creative Partner at eFounders
Hello Hunters,

Really excited to share the brand new version of illustrio with the community!

What’s new?
• Complete product redesign 🐣
• Instagram-like filters for icons 📷
• 5000+ new graphics from top designers 😻
• Icons available in SVG 😎
• Subscriptions for power users 💰

The app now offers a much wider range of customizations and totally new icons.
Our mission is still the same though 😉:
We make it easy for {{insert your job here}} to create beautiful content.

We’re super eager to get your feedback, please tell us what you (truly) think 🙏
Matthieu Vaxelaire — ceo @Mention
We love Illustrio at Mention!
Didier Forest — Creative Partner at eFounders
@mvaxelaire Thanks for your support ! We use Mention and of course we ❤️ you too!
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