Hand-crafted Illustrations for your design purpose

All characters and illustration are 100% editable and colors can be changed in a few click. The pack comes with a landing page ui kit and 7 different illustrations alongside different characters. The most common landscape resolution is used to fit for all devices in landing page UI.

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How many characters come in the pack?
@mastemine It comes with 7 different illustrations πŸ˜„
@meetchopra Cool, I think it would be good to explain to some people the value of your premium paid pack vs. some other similar things like Humaaans ( which is a free product that comes with around 20+ illustrations to use. I mean I can see that yours have some different angles (with backs facing to the viewer, etc) but not sure if that justifies enough just yet for the price anyways, maybe if you provide continued support of the product and add more later it would certainly be something to look into for myself personally. I wish you luck on your design journey though and hope you have great success with your product!
@mastemine Got your point. Thanks for your feedback!
Hello Hunters! , πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ Really excited to share with the Product Hunt community. comes with 7 different illustrations and characters along with a landing page design. All the assets are 100% vector editable. The design comes with sketch and svg files that are compatible with any design software. Happy to know any feedback or suggestions. Cheers, PS: Use code "PH10" to get $10 off.
My congratulations with the launching! Your hand-crafted Illustrations are awesome! I'd love to see it in the Awesome Design Tools list over GitHub, it can give you additional users & traffic. You can send a Pull Request here: