The world's first wearable translator

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Pretty cool product but don't know why the product needed the guy to try and kiss girls in Japan? So many better use-cases that could've been shown here. An unfortunate way to show a product that can have such amazing outcomes.
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@bentossell I agree with you but this is what gets views. "Prank videos" are the hot new thing, doesn't matter if they're fake (& I think this one is).
@bentossell Seriously. As if that wasn't bad enough, at 0:36 he's literally chasing a woman down.
@bryantpeng If a product can do what this claims it can then it is good enough to not have to use that type of video to get attention.
@bentossell Right, that's why it gives me vaporware vibes. I'm with you in that people *shouldn't* do this kind of stuff, but for people in the "any publicity = good publicity" camp it gets the job done.
@bentossell this thread makes me laugh hahaha its hilarious! There are so many uses for this product. The world is becoming smaller.
Can't believe the video - what were they thinking?
Upvote for the product. Downvote for the video.
Don't be creepy!
cringest video