Keep track of the things you lend and borrow.

iLend is a simple mobile app that helps you track the things you lend and borrow. Add items in seconds, invite your friends and never forget about borrowed items again!

You can also connect an item to a friend via Facebook so you both see it in app and remember it!

Available for iOS & Android.

Ibrahim AbdelGawad
Paweł Magiera
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  • Nqobile Vundla
    Nqobile VundlaCo-Founder of BunkrApp, UI/UX Designer

    It's so easy to use and I can tell it's been properly thought through. The design is amazing, and the user experience simply great.


    Since I logged in using Facebook, I would like to Lend or Borrow by simply selecting a list from Facebook friends.

    I always lose stuff, and I used to take a picture of someone with whatever I was lending them so that I wouldn't forget, and this app is great at solving that. Looking forward to further updates!

    Nqobile Vundla has used this product for one day.
I'm getting this app just for this gorgeous icon! Edit: Thanks for adding login with email! I don't have a Facebook account so this is great.
@pugson We plan to add non-fb support in the next update! ;)
@pugson @lukaszmtw waiting for this update :)
I've been following and testing the development of iLend for a while and I can see why students would use this a lot! Great app, great execution Luke! Hope it catches on 🤗
@amrith Thanks Amrith!
@pawelmag @lukaszmtw This is so handy, is there a feature to let your friend know when you need the borrowed item back? I've got a few clothing items on loan... 👗
@abadesi When you add an item you can connect it to a friend via Facebook and it will also show in his app. Notifications are on our todo list. ;)
There are some concerns about the Facebook login. It's our first version and we wanted to validate the idea first. Other options coming very soon! Edit: Now it's possible to use the app without FB account.
Today we shipped the update allowing to use the app without Facebook account. Enjoy! cc @pugson @dumitruaxentii @joey__jay @momo_kon9