Fully customisable & accessible vector icons

#1 Product of the DayApril 21, 2019
Customizable SVG icon set — change the color, size, stroke weight, corner style, and export as a set.
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Wow, my congratulations with number 1 product of a day! You're rock! 😍 I am so happy to see you in our Awesome Design Tools as well: https://flawlessapp.io/designtools
@valiahavruliyk Thanks a lot! 💪
I just downloaded all the icons. `g>` is missing at the end of `circle-ok.svg`
@alban_deflandre Thanks a lot, well spotted! We'll fix this issue asap

Hoping there's more to come, cuz' I'm definitely gonna use this! :)


Customisable and ease of use.


Still a rather small library of icons.

Question @mikolajdobrucki do you have these in a Sketch file organized some where? That would be infinitely more valuable to download vs. all of the .svgs separately because then the task of organizing them outweighs the potential value from being able to use them.
@ridderingand_ Hello, yes I have them as a sketch file, however it's a development version not suitable for sharing as a public freebie. If you'd like to get your hands on it, just send me a message and we'll figure it out :)
Love the idea! Really useful in my daily work! Two things I realised: - sometimes icons are broken (seems to happen when you export at around 48px and some small things like the dot on the I are then too small to be displayed problerly) - it would be amazing to have a 'deselect all' section (after selection like 8 icons and downloading them, I have to deselect them all manually in order to download something else individually)