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Anonymous social browser

Tris is an anonymous social browser, that can revolutionize how people search browse the Internet. Tris has handled over 50 million searches to date, and collectively the makers of Tris have handled over a billion Google searches.

We were selected to SXSW as a finalist, and finalists have raised 5.5 billion dollars with 71% receiving funding.

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I checked out the extension on webstore,very nice work .... if I select a keyword specific like "moving company newark new jersey" are those keywords less expensive then keywords that are general without city/state???
@smith_hope Thanks for kind words answer your question , yes generally city specific keywords will be cheaper than nationwide, however we are not setting a price, we are accepting offers so obviously we would only accept higher offers for a keyword that is general to the entire state.
This is a interesting idea, I work in SEO and work with clients that work in plastic surgery , and some spend millions a year on SEO so if I tell them to purchase a keyword for "plastic surgery los angeles " and they purchase for $1000 I get $500 referral fee?
@nonstop_rubel yes we have an affiliate program that tracks offers made in real time, so if you send your special link to friend or family then yes you will see the offer immediately in real time if they used your aff link, if we accept the offer you will be notified as well in real time. The 50% commission is for the first keyword only, after that is goes down to 30% , if you are an SEO co and have lots of clients and think you can move lots of keywords then we are willing to set your aff account rate at the first level for all keywords.
Can you explain what is SXSW and how this has effects the keywords?
@ryanmcdonnell1 we received over 500 offer for keywords when we were featured on Product Hunt a year ago, but we could not ethically accept any money without providing real guaranteed value to keyword holders, we think at a minimum a million users is what it would take for the platform to have real value and traffic and that was our benchmark. We also did not want to have 1000 people daily asking us when we are live, when will they see traffic? We wanted one large investor instead of hundreds of little ones, so we continued to focus on the platform investing our own money as we are mostly self funded. With SXSW everything changes. SXSW finalists have raised 5.5 billion to date, 71% have received funding, we finally see a path forward to a million users as we estimate we would need a million dollars to reach one million users based on all the test campaigns we have done. In fact it would take even less money but we would need more staff to support it. With the SWSW in a month, we wanted to increase our odds of raising money, so this short term IKO can drive more revenue and we can stand up and show searches, traffic, traction , two apps, and REVENUE, this will increase our chances of raising money hopefully over 95%. So our plan now is only sell a few good keywords enough to make a statement.
I have a few many people have purchased keywords? what happens if two people want the same keyword? is it first come first serve? can we resell keywords? and do I get anything I can prove this is mine?
@anguscorbin 1- please see above 2- right now it is first come first serve, if for some reason before we accept any offer two people bid we will create a private auction between the two offers 3- absolutely, in fact we hope one day to create a platform that you can also sell clicks if this becomes really popular so you would be like Google 4- you get a certificate, and you a contract signed with the keyword you purchased on it.
great idea , very interesting ...basically a investment but unlike coins or ico you actually get something of value also its not just an idea as you have already users searches android and ios you have traffic you have traction its also a gamble cause whats if you don,t get a million users to download ? but for a couple of thousand I think its worth it if you spend lots on ad-words or have a website its like buying domains !