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Always wanted to find a better http://longbets.org/ I hope this can turn into that down the road but great implementation so far. A couple of things: - PLEASE stop swapping "yes" and "no", as you move from question to question - Can't change my accidental guess (see above) - See comment totals on questions to drive discussions - See trending/popular questions on home as well (or is that the default sort?) and maybe not trending questions I have already answered. - Some of the filters aren't working? It says you only have 4 science & tech questions - How does the calculation work? How negative are my "bad" guesses. Hopefully they'll be isolated for categories because I WANT to guess Golden Globe stuff but I haven't seen half these shows.
@rajington Rajarshi :D thanks so much for your feedback and suggestion. We will take your ideas into consideration to build a better product. Right now we are focusing on improving the dynamics inside the app and making it easier to understand and more engaging :) Appreciate your feedback and I commit to make it better :) Martin
Reminds me of Knoda as well. https://play.google.com/store/ap... They had a good idea just failed. I beleive in you guys.
@cthomasdesign Thanks Christoper :D We will do our best :) If you have any idea or suggestion about how we can make the platform even better, please let us know :)