Guess facts about your potential matches to meet them

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Interesting concept...not sure I'd be keen to keep going if I guess a name wrong (or god-forbid an age!). How much drop off do you see? I think current dating apps work because we have short attention-spans that suit flicking through pictures... when it requires us to do some work then that can cause friction. What are the common questions that people have to guess? @pifiore @forddavis
Hi @bentossell, @forddavis First of all thank you Product Hunt! We think that iinkling is a good mix between going fast through the profiles (swiping) and putting some effort in order to meet them (the game involved). For now we are testing it with 3 auto generated questions. Users have to discover the name, age and hometown of the other person if they want to unlock the profile who they are interested in. Users don't have to fill out any questionnaires to start playing on iinkling. Log in with FB and you're ready to go.
@bentossell Lots of my friends are avid users of similar apps and they seem to really like it! Your wrong answers don't get shared with your matches so that avoids any awkwardness that might arise from guessing someone's age or name incorrectly. It's a good point about the limited attention spans, I expect our users will get fewer matches than with the leading dating apps, but I also think they are more likely to engage with the matches they do get. Only time will tell, but it does have more of a game-like excitement to it as you discover who someone is which I think is more fun than just swiping back and forth.
@forddavis haha as long as they don't know I guess the name wrong!! Would be awesome for users to be able to determine their own questions too! That way your second point should be more correct :)
@bentossell we have thought about letting people to determinate their own questions, but to start we preferred to give to the users the fastest way to start playing without spending time in filling out any sort of questionnaires :)